„Art Is That Time We Are Here”


Art is not a product. Like the air we breathe, is not a product.

Art is something that is already here, it simply needs to be displayed.

Art is that time we are here -right now. Art is a way to freeze and study the “NOW”

Per William Petersen
Per William Petersen

During the time we are here, we often  dream of a better world.

But we do not always agree on how the world really looks.

We can agree on how a carrot looks, but how the world looks – there are many different views.

We use a lot of energy to figure out what the world really looks like.

News are withheld and manipulated.

Some have already made the choice for us, how we must perceive the world.

Words take on a new meaning. Some words are banned.

Positive words are changed to negative ones, and vice versa.

Actions are covered with words that sound better than the actions’ actual character.

Are we living in a dream world, not seeing what the world really looks like?

In the hope of the world being as we want it to be?

A dream that prevents them from acting to improve the world.

Only when dream and reality go hand in hand the dream of a better world comes true.

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For more details about the Danish visual artist who has settled down in Estonia sind 2006 reat at: www.pwp.dk
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