Grounded in Pleasure


A painting speaks for itself.

Whatever it says to the viewer, it’s the right message because there isn’t such a thing as a wrong and a right message.

Sirje Petersen, Estonia
Sirje Petersen, Estonia

My process of work has always been grounded in pleasure and aesthetics and I am not a bit ashamed of it. This belief guides me towards creating compositions that invite and allow the viewer to investigate its surface, its purpose, and its inner feelings.

Each of my painting is unique with its very own shapes and color, movement, pattern, and spiritual meaning.

The past, the present and the future have been intertwined.

This is a spiritual, autobiographical memory where I perceive my subjective time.

The human body and color often help me visualize the thought, perception, questions – not knowing, if these will be answered.

To be outside time, to escape time’s requirements – where from? where to? where? – I feel the  curiosity and urge to exit myself, to express and share…

I am my own tempting research object. How not to drop myself or let myself be dissolved?

To accept myself the way I discover myself at a given moment.


p.s. for more details about the estonian contemporary painter sirje petersen, see her website at:

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